Good Morning,
Here is my windmill pack consisting of 3 different windmills. With the placeable windmills you can invest in wind energy and get hourly money attributed. The mods are not meant to get rich fast but meant much more than a long-term investment.

1. Small windmill
Prices: 55,000 €
Income per hour:
Easy: 75 €
Normal: 65 €
Hard: 40 €
Maintenance costs: 50 € / day

2nd windmill
Prices: 680,000 €
Income per hour:
Easy: 750 €
Normal: 650 €
Hard: 400 €
Maintenance costs: 1000 € / day

3rd wind farm (4 windmills)
Prices: 2,500,000 €
Income per hour:
Easy: 3000 €
Normal: 2500 €
Heavy: 1500 €
Maintenance costs: 4000 € / day

The mod may be adjusted using the original download link on other mod pages.

Many fun with the mod.
Kind regards
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