669 BUNCHER V1.0.0.1

– Slowed down cutting speed for increased time to grab tree.
– New Store Option: Tuned motor
– New Store Option: Tinted windows
– Moved interior camera up slightly.
– Decreased lag between machine and attachment.
– Added 82 Studio’s color pallet.
– Decreased head claws closing distance so doesn’t glitch out on trees when closed tightly.
– New Attachemnt: Thinning Head
– Tweaked head collisions.

Working on your tree farm or even just wanting to clear some property for farming? This machine is your go-to machine for quick and easy performance to get all them trees cut and laid on the ground in neat piles.

Machine Store Category: Forestry Machines
Buncher Head Store Category: Forestry Equipment
Price: $175,000 – $179,0000
Buncher Head Price: $6000
Thinning Head Price: $6000
Engine Power: 485 HP – 2000 HP
Max. speed: 11 mph – 19 mph


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