T-70 V1.0.0.0

T-70 is a universal row-crop caterpillar tractor, traction class 2 tf, designed for the cultivation of grapes (T-70V) and sugar beets (T-70S).The manufacturer is Artur Kalyan Tractor Plant, mass production began in 1964.The tractor is designed to perform the entire range of work on the cultivation of sugar beet, sown with row spacings of 450 and 600 mm, and other tilled crops in a unit with mounted, semi-mounted and trailed hydraulic machines. Can be used for general purpose work.

– Price: 12250 $

– Configuration: cabins, additional headlights, front load, numbers, exhaust pipe;

– Color: basic, design, cab, hood, caterpillars;

Ussr Modding Team

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