Alali Mod Pack by Farok v1.4



The new version of the pack Alali Mod Pack v 1.4

New tools:
-Fortschritt E514 (IC)
-Fortschritt E514 Green (IC)
-Fortschritt E512 (IC)
-Fortschritt Grain cutting board
-Fortschritt Corn Header
-Rabewerkcondor 5 s head v2
-Fortschritt FE302 (IC)
-Fortschritt FE302 Header
-Hesston 5580 Baler

– Fixed the pack Washable time (now not so soon dirty machinery and construction tools)
– The wheels of plows and wheel dusting received the approval of the rut
– MTZ machines received the rev counter and fuel gauge!
– The Raba s got the rev counter and fuel gauge

Pack Contents:
– MTZ80 (IC)
– MTZ82 (IC) Old
– MTZ82 (IC)
– Fortschritt E514 (IC)
– Fortschritt E514 Green (IC)
– Fortschritt E512 (IC)
– Fortschritt Kukorcia cutting table
– Fortschritt Grain cutting board
– Fortschritt FE302 (IC)
– Fortschritt FE302 Header
– Hesston 5580 Baler
– Rabewerkcondor 5 s head
– Rabewerkcondor 5 s head
– Rába Steiger 250 (plowing mod)
– Rába Steiger 250 Dual Wheel (plowing mod)
– Ifa W50L Blue (IC)
– Ifa W50L Grey (IC)
– Ifa W50L Green (IC)
– Ifa Platform
– Ifa Silos Platform
– HW80 grain
– HW80 Grain with extension
– HW80 Silo
– MBP Green Trailer with extension
– MBP Grey Trailer with extension
– MBP Silo Trailer
– MBP Bale trailer
– HW80.11 grain

Alali & Farok

Sharemods: – 171.5 MB
Orginal Link: – 171.5 MB

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