Bizon Z058 v1.6 Pack


– Added key opening flaps, doors and window
– Added new animations
– Fixed an old animation
– You can now buy a header qq
– Fixed animations hederu
– Added animation fan motor
– Added two more color variations Buffalo “blue and orange”
– Each version dirty differently and also have other visual elements which differ from each other
– Added lighting in the cabin
– Added a speedometer, tachometer and fuel gauge

earlier versions BETA
– Script passenger
– Script dirty
– Basic animations
– Forage bed and turned on the outside of the combine
– Mirrors set so that you could see anything else we have seen the sky
– 3000l tank capacity
– Basic cultivation

Konwert and the LS-15: SIID

Unpack-otworz_open.rar – 129.0 MB

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