Barntner XL Uberladewagen v1.1



Brantner XL Überladewagen
For transporting and decant

(Also fills fertilizers u. Sowing when installed as fillType
eg SeedMaster; not the normal trigger)

Chopped silage grass hay straw manure mixed feed barley oats rye spelled wheat corn rape seed fertilizer lime wood chips
15500 l / Price 9933 / daily. 12
Pure fantasy product’s face it, not loads better.

Dear people,
It is here to freely usable Giants models, which was freely combined. Similarities to the trailer from the SeedMaster Pack stem from the fact. My model was built from the same parts of Giants, but has a few more options, it can load all of the above crops and overweight, has an extra long pipe, higher loading capacity, a decent modDesk and Mod-xml. He can (must be installed on Map) for future AddOn’s all fertilizer or Kalkmaschinen fill the field.
So please no comments about similarities, it is a model from the original game.

Giants, Rosenthaler nach der Idee von Farmer_Andy – 17.9 MB

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