Bjorn Holm Modified v 0.1 BETA




Hello, this is my first revised map.
I gefuxt purely me many hours and my best.
Now the first phase of construction is completed, so I want to test it Global and they do not deny you the same.

What has changed?
1. trigger stop set at Güerbahnhof, there may now be sold.
2. yard was completely gestalltet new, 2 new buildings were added a gas station, many trees were replanted, fences were at the court also reset.
2.a seeds, fertilizers and cell phone were in the court postponed (Let you more surprises)
2.b water bath was moved slightly closer to the silo.
3. converted feed store, here is driven ran with a specially set off back now, even here, let you more surprises.
4. cow pasture on the farm was laid in box 28 (?), Repays right at the yard ….
4.a cow pasture was slightly enlarged.
4.b are located on the cow pasture houses, they have no function and are of Giants, I think that there live the workers.
4.c An recovery and the houses, and some white on the farm are now lanterns shining in the night, these are also standard.
5. Two fields have been removed (I look at how I was going to handle the bzg new fields).
6. vehicles were set in the shelters.
7. The whole farm and the cow pasture have been geflastert.

These are the changes in version 0.1 Beta.
The log is clean so far in SP! But I think that it will run in MP also …
this will test yourself tomorrow.
In the log there are three entries, because the screenshots are zugroß … but is not really a problem.
What comes in the future, or in the next version ?:
PDA revision.
More changes at the court and in the pasture.
Embellishments to farm and pasture.
Possible bug fixes.
Remember it is a beta test;)
as I said this is my first map that I have touched.
Designation of the Mossbauer, Derren mods I use Icebear_Lars–40 like to bauer–2 Icebear_Lars

In addition, the map we exclusively only on Modhoster, may on other sites / forums / hosters be uploaded.
The cards continue to build on my foundation stones is for use only for private permits, the publish is prohibited.
Have fun with the first verion, I hope you like it before, hoping for lots of feedback!
Greetings ehm. GGG-leader-Simon aka ElbeTV from Steam)

GGG-Leader-Simon aka ElbeTV – 209.7 MB

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