Improved vehicle handling (1.3)
Cuttings trees works more reliably (1.3)
Fixed crashes with wood cutting (1.3)
Fixed crashes on 32bit computers (1.3)
Fixed Jenz chopper movement (1.3)
Reduced used network bandwidth in multiplayer (1.3)
Fixed wrong movement of trees in multiplayer (1.3)
Visual fixes for the Kuhn Profile1880, Case IH Quadtrac, Lemken Heliodor, Grimme Maxtron, Capello Quasar F4, Krampe SB 30/60, Liebherr Tl 436-7, Ponsse Scorpion King, Ponsse Buffalo, Jenz Hem583, Väderstad Carrier 820, Krampe BB 900, Deutz 6.61 (1.3)
Fixed error with the ChurchClock script in mod maps (1.3)
Fixed sapling pallet not locking to trailers (1.3)
Fixed wrong placements of trees in the map (1.3)
Fixed field texture disappearing in the distance after removing windrows (1.3)
Increased capacity of manure heap (1.3)
Reduced loading times (1.3)
Improved performance when working on the fields (1.3)
Added possibility to sell wood chips with a shovel (1.3)
Fixed crash when placing objects near map boundary (1.3)
Reduced multiplayer synchronization times (1.3)
Fixed rendering of fields on DirectX (Intel GPUs) (1.3)
Fixed Biogas silos when almost empty (1.3)
Fixed Grimme Tectron unloading animation (1.3)
Reduced loading times (1.3)
Fixed power usage of the balers (1.3)
Fixed selling price of saplings (1.3)
Fixed difficulties when washing attached tools (1.3)
Fixed slot capacity in WebStats of Dedicated Server (1.3)
Fixed saving of multiplayer client permissions (1.3)
Fixed issues with the helper (1.3)
Fixed crash when removing a gamepad on MacOSX (1.3)
Fixed issues the tyre tracks (1.3)
Fixed unfolding of combines after resetting (1.3)
Improved vehicle handling
Improved locked differentials (e.g. improves handling of Ponsse Scorpion)
Dragged tools no longer jump randomly
Improved physics of cranes
Jenz chopper works more reliably
FSI ST65T works more reliably
Cuttings trees works more reliably
Trees in multiplayer stutter less
Vehicles stutter less when moving trees
Defoliaging trees is correctly synchronized in multiplayer
Trees are worth less, especially when selling entire, non-defoliaged trees
Log forks can now hold single trees
Vehicles stop less quickly when releasing the acceleration pedal
Various visual improvements to the vehicles
Various smaller functional improvements to the vehicles
Performance and memory usage improvements
Added additional costs if the AI helper brings its own seeds, fertilizer etc.
Various improvements to the AI helper
Fixed moved vehicles when loading a savegame
Improved the geometry of the bunker silos
Reduced the enormous time bonus for missions
Fixed wrong assignments of statistics values
Various translation fixes
Improved controls with gamepads or steering wheels
Increased the capacity of the manure heap
Mods now have the possibility to show the current time on the indoor hud
Reduced the costs when using the high pressure washer
Added automatic creation of Humboldt notch with the chainsaw, so that the trees fall in the direction of the cut
Added option to disable Adaptive VSync
Added option to disable the AI traffic
Added option to change the time it takes until a vehicle is dirty
Increased maximum cut length of Ponsse Scorpion to 8 meters
Reduced loading times when using mods


Uploadfiles: FarmingSimulator2015Patch1.3INT_PublicBeta1.rar – 339.3 MB
Sharemods: FarmingSimulator2015Patch1.3DE_PublicBeta1.rar – 332.7 MB

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3 Responses

  1. IHfan says:

    i go to install this and it makes it through the whole install process until it gets to the end i get code 267 something about DXSETUP.EXE and the process failed in game menu still shows version 1.2 but the version log file in the game directory shows i cant tell any difference in game to whether this installed or not please help with any info

    • Felix says:

      I too am having the same exact issue. I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one. I expected some kind of complication considering this says it’s Beta 1, but this is much more than just a complication.

  2. Tyler says:

    I too am having this issue someone please resolve this

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