Hagenstedt Map V 1.0.1




In this version I once built a sawmill added. It is located near the harbor. The local trigger function provided that all. The only thing that is not yet installed, the chips sale.

The trees can stand at the sawmill at the field up to three trees all cases, as the pictures show it. Why the other 3 trees do not I have to look at can make. More trees have not yet been installed since it is only once this is a small test phase.

Unfortunately, I’ve also seen after you upload you can buy anything at the nursery. This will then be resolved in the next version with.

For the card itself:

The card will be a pure single player map. Whether it will then run in multiplayer I can not say because I do not have the goal to create a multiplayer map.
The card will not stay at the origin. This means that the buildings and retail space are partially rebuilt, converted or taken away gant. Depending on how I need it or not.

Quoted four courtyards.
Forest Enterprise


map.zip – 247.1 MB

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