Jenz HEM 583 mobile chipper v1.0 Euro-Kransteuerung


Hello friends of polished wood harvesting,
I have the original Jenz HEM times made me 583 and it ne original crane control, in euro terms, miss. Because I was back and forth gedrücke of LB and RB bothered me with this X-Box controller games. Now liquid crane movements are possible and the “feeding” the hacker has become so much easier. The Palfinger crane now works as in real:
Left stick: L + R – Rotate, HO + RU – lifting lower main arm
Right stick: L + R – control extensions, HO + RU – one stalk buckle or
Oh NEN flag he has also received yet
Have fun with it wers can use …
Greeting FARMTEC

Giants – Original Modell
FarmTec – Steuerung und Kennzeichen verbaut – 9.6 MB

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