– Multi terrain and hire mod tutorial implemented
– Few natural sounds added
– All foliage is altered in shape and size as well as textures changed
– Cows, sheep and chickens implemented

– Chopped straw mod added, original swathes have also been altered to look more tidy and fuller
– Yard cluttered with tools, objects and decals
– All gates open and shut manually
– 100 gold coins to collect
– Buyable fields with custom buy signs – 155.7 MB

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  1. John says:

    I absolutely love this map – it feels like a real farm to me, partly because I’m British myself and it’s familiar, but also because it’s so well made. I’ve been having a blast so far.

    However, when I look at the prices for selling crops, there’s only one entry, for wheat at the station; no price for any other crop. There are also empty columns for “Hafen” and “Mühle”, if that’s an indication of anything. Any ideas?

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