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Hello Com,
I currently tinkering on my 16 Trade Map (or use the map for my daughter :crazy: ) Am and wants the slurry, manure and lime install mod, I realized that it currently only the lime silo from Danny681’s, which must be installed with the GE Super mod by the way, it becomes clear that those installed in my Map 😉 ,
Now that my daughter and I do like to drive short distances, I thought that a placeable lime silo is not likely to be missing, so I sat down last night by 1 hour or so now and have made a lime silo floating.

For the lime silo of slurry manure lime mod from Marhu is required, and must contain Map this ebenfals.
Slurry manure lime mod from Marhu
Mod Download:
The silo can be placed anywhere, the floor can also be a bit uneven, but I think pictures say more than words.
I wish a lot of fun with the mod.
Now, as always, the Legal …

Terms of Use
This mod may not be modified or uploaded in a modified version, or used to upload information on other sites, download sites such as eg. ShadeMods etc, or LS portals is NOT ALLOWED! not to etc. If published on other sites, this is only with link to the original download link Uploaded on here or permitted by Modhoster.


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