MAN TGS Forest Set V 1.3 Beta


EDIT version 1.3 beta: Subject IMPORTANT: All devices in this update must be purchased new, as this can lead to unforeseen problems / errors otherwise. Anyone who does not keep it or want to keep, I can not help you. Subject truck: to have basic model extended to provide more space for the gripper in transport position (tree trunk length anyway weiterin 5m), jump and roll the grab something veringert (thank you and fix by Koper), revised textures, Amaturenbeleuchtung now in subtle red (near original MAN ), additional warning lights on speedometer, turn signal indicator lights installed (not blinking, only static), mirror again fixed (definitely not black), extending or retracting the support now works automatically the crane on / off. StorePic renewed the trucks, minor fixes to xml and model; Subject dirt / Washing: as long as you drive the truck, he is also dirty. I myself have found that as long as the vehicle is not dirty how to work with the crane. This is particularly noticeable in multiplayer. Why this is so, but I can not say. Have therefore the “washable” Jenz HEM from 583 – over entry. Hope it works a little better now. If not, I keep working on it. Wish you a Merry Christmas 🙂 EDIT version 1.3 beta END

GiantsSoftware, SpeedySC1978 – 41.0 MB

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