Old Stremas Map FS15 Full

The map has a beautiful landscape with lots of details much
I wish everyone a lot of fun and good game

Version 1.2 Soil Mod
You must create a new part!!

– Add Soil MOd
– Big gain fluidity
– Adjust ClipDistance
– Reduction of mud
– Adjust Angle roads (finish to fly on the roads :D)
– Adjust of the selling prices of pigs and cattle (Farewell the millions ;))
– Add 2 Fields and Expansion of some Fields
– Add From a point selling the wooden and wodenChip
– Add new Shed on the Farm
– Add free place on the Farm
– Add Karcher Zone on the farm
– New Grass texture
– New forest pine
– Adjust for field purchases
– Fix all bug you announced
– Add storage woodchips on the farm
– the PDA is now larger
– Displacement of a point of sale
– add storage Straw, hay and grass on the farm
– add ramp biogaz
– add farm to store vehicles


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3 Responses

  1. Geri says:

    Nem tom hohy kell leazedni?

  2. Alexander Hogg says:

    I am having difficulty installing mods on my p.c.would you have any advice/help on how this is done…it is the maps I would like to add to the game farming sim 15 one called Coldborough park farm but cannot manage to download it into my farming sim 15 game.l expect most p.c. gamers know how to do this but as I say it’s not too easy for myself thank you

  3. János says:

    ezs ety nadzson joú map

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