Morton building 1 and 2

made the buildings bigger to except more vehicles and taller equipment. little building can have parking lot fence put around it to have lots of vehicles. same thing goes with bigger shed also a parking lot for that one also. please enjoy!

looseterror/TwistedGA – 252 KB – 496 KB

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5 Responses

  1. Avatar TrottingFox says:

    How do you get the doors and stuff to open?

  2. Avatar Farmer89 says:

    The doors wont open on their own, great building thanks for the upload ill use it anyways but would be cool if maybe you fixed error on doors.

  3. Avatar Killer26592 says:

    Press N when you want to enter

  4. Avatar Guest says:

    Animation map trigger

  5. Avatar Xboxonegamer246 says:

    make the big barn smaller pls

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