Welcome to my first map attempt. It’s a reshaped Westbridge Hills/Forest map and the area around the church is made to resemble a small village 170km north of Toronto where I owned a farm for a time.
It has standard crops and animals, two storage silos, one at the farm and one at the south end. It also has two log sell points. Missions are gone, eggs can be sold at the house on the corner across from the church. Feel free to edit for personal use, but please don’t upload to any other site. Construcive comments would be welcome!

Thanks to Johnny Vee and rwy22sp for their permissions to use Westbridge Forest and many items from Old Family Farm, Giants for original maps and items, and thanks to cfarrar and Sherman for the initial testing, I appreciate the time you spent on it

Massie2.zip – 399.4 MB

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4 Responses

  1. Demetrius Minneapolis says:

    From a fellow Canadian, thank you for the map!

  2. Gaet says:

    Same here!! 500km from Massie!
    Awesome map! 🙂

  3. Jonathan says:

    realy like the map
    reminds me of home which is in NB Canada

  4. Bisurmanin says:

    Awesome map! But i prefer start with cheaper machines… line in vanilla maps.

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