pack contain’s
2 savegame file’s 1 for each default map
1 riding lawnmower
1 frontloader with grass and straw tool’s
1 trailer the excepts grass
1 trailer to haul all your stuff around the map
1 upk mod
1 placeable heap mod
the grain silo’s are empty and the fields are stripped clean dont bother downloading if you plan on cheating or using money mod the reason for this pack is to start out as a poor guy or girl who has an endless job working for the man and wants to step up and be a farmer its got a fs 2011 feel to it where you had to work for your money…. thanks for downloading… this how i start game’s Wis_Tex
step 1 place heaps around the map you want to work .
step 2 cut grass
step 3 pile grass in heap
step 4 load grass into trailer to sell

the pack Wis_Tex
savegame file’s Wis_Tex
brantner trailer—-rosenthaler
upk mod—mor2000
placeable heaps mod—-mor2000
frontloader tool’s—-dread

Poor_Man_Pack.zip – 37.1 MB

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