After altering the f-350 to make the rollback it opened up some new opertunities so a dump bed truck came to mind for hauling grains & etc it has full functioning dump bed visible hydros and rear attacher for trialers it has one hitch for all attachers but the hieght of hitch can be adjusted with front loader arm control it has cap of 25,000
I hope you enjoy using it I have enjoyed making it and enjoyed using it myself

Model by: Alagoas modding
Scripts by: Alagoas modding
Converted by: Thijs1239
testing done by Copenhagen, thunderhawk modding
Finished conversion And Added Some touch’s to it Thunderhawk modding
Converted to dump bed truck by thunderhawk modding

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  1. Minty says:

    Thanks for this. Been wanting a good tipper Utility for a while. Any chance you could make a Flatbed Version with straps, To carry pallets and boxes.

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