So this is a edit of the road kit I made for 2017 with the authorisation from Fatian famous road kit, made available for all to use in 2013, I made some changes to this version from Fatian’s and made this available to all to use also. So a quick edit over to 2019 with the help from [NLD] FA285634 getting my head around textures, and also TSM putting up with me and also guiding me through were I had gone wrong, I now bring the 2017 road kit to FS2019.

There are so many pieces within this kit, and I am sure you maybe all familiar with how it’s used, as I have already seen some new maps with the road kit inside, a simple edit to the specular will sort the glossyness out on the white lines, but take the specular out of this mod for better use. There is a new spec for the paving-road and cross junctions. Take these three speculars out and place them in your edited versions textures, and this will bring the white/chrome looking lines back to white.

Anyways simple
The kit is big and should have almost every piece needed to make a map road system, I am sure you will as it has been out for some time and no real big issues as far, it has already been tested by FS-UK once, but had a couple off issues that were in the 2017 version as a oversight, but these have now been addressed, so enjoy if not already converted, and good luck with your maps.

I have as mentioned above made a new spec map for the Road, Junctions and paving, so they are not receiving as much light from the Sun, so no need to wear Glasses when looking at the road.

Fatian for original go-ahead
[NLD] FA285634 and TSM for help and assistance.

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