Moin people, the wait is over and I can show you the Nordfriesian March V1 beta. Unfortunately, there are still no productions but very many sales opportunities.

Version 1.2 Multifruit
– New fear hops
– New fruit carrots
– New fruit onions
– New fruit rye (texture will change in future version)
– New fruit symbols (fruithud) in the sales menu
(the mod zzzz_IndividualHudFruit we do not need anymore)
– Channel members name in the shop up to date
– All BGA bunkers adjusted again
– Silage bunker at the BGA’s now fermented in 30 ingame hours
– Disappeared house at the weaving mill is back
– Grass in the parking lot at the bank
– Road between BGA South and Field 18 slightly changed in height
– Spawnpunkt changed at the shop one ends up when leaving no longer in the table
– Missing piece of wooden fence next to house at the sewage plant inserted
– Missing piece of wood next to house at BGA South inserted
– Floating power pylons
– Floating level crossing signs
– Floating lamp at the station
– Remove grastexture from the sales trigger at the sugar factory
– Fence changed at the stadium
– Fixed ground textures at the harbor
– Growing grass at the harbor removed
– Faulty bucket removed at the horse riding area
– Silo at the pulp mill adjusted in height
– Fixed hovering containers at the harbor
– Field 24 limits revised (not next to the map)
– Bridge field 23 adapted to BGA Nord
– For information with the future patch 1.3 probably new harvesters for the new crops are needed

North Frisian plains with attention to detail, typical of dikes, ditches, forests, deco windmills
Large fields (20 cereals, 14 grass)
17 sales stations
2 bga’s
New missions
Very much space for placeable objects of all kinds

I wish you a lot of fun and good luck on the NF march

FedAction LetsPlay

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