ZUNHAMMER 15500 PE V1.0.0.0

A liquid manure of the brand Zunhammer.
On 24.12 comes from me too.
This is a slurry tanker of the brand Zunhammer.
This barrel I had already put in the 17er for DL and now converted.

Brand: Zunhammer
Version: 15500PE
Working width: 14.8 m
Filling volume: 15.5 cubic
Required power: 110kw / 150hp
The barrel runs over the old diffuse system.

What was done?
-Converted from LS 17
-XML adjusted a bit
LOG cleared
-New tires installed

Lights made to LS 19 standard
PTO installed so that it does not disappear
Shares etc are available.
That’s it and all beautiful Christmas.

Grundmodell LS 17: Seme/820PowerLS
Umbau LS 17: Jd_farmer/Lukas/dajoe
Konvertierung: Lukas

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