Made (almost) every vehicle electric

all fuel consumption changed to roughly match HP to KW conversion

battery size set to consumption * 5 should be a good balance between realistic and usable

all prices given ~5% price boost to compensate for lack of fuel costs

removed all exaust particles

changed all engine sounds to electric version

removed all backup beeps as well as I personally dislike them

I havent tested all of the vehicles as there are 116 of them so fixes will come out as i playtest

big thanks to Eco mod pack by Louminia for inspiration and for making a better mod than me I just applyed the changes Louminia did for thier mod to every vehicle

I had to cut some corneres to make sure I didn’t go insane but it should be playable for now!

for the git inclined you can find it here https://github.com/tecknokitty/FS22-Electro-Pack

based on Louminia’s Eco Pack

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