IHC 1455 FH V3.2.0.0

A completely different mod. is now based off of my 1055 wich had many things fixed that this mod originally lacked

-dual tires option
-re textured back of interior
-re textured windows
-better front window
-front plate option
-small edits here and there

there are a few engine configurations,

design options: different kind of stickers, straightpipe, fenders, front loader and so on
the tractor has simple ic, lots of other animations and a special feature where the sound of the tractor changes if you straightpipe it, with the 1455 you now also get a turbo wastegate sound.
This mod is not error free as i don’t know how to fix those, Sorry for that. Despite all that the mod does work how i intended it to work so i also don’t see the problem in it.

Anyways, have fun.

GIANTS Software

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