Welcome to The Romboz Road a 4x map, you are in France in the breeding region of the Comtois horse, but also in an area where the famous cheese ‘Le Comté’ is produced.

– Added salvage item system.
– Added AI network for easier movement.
– Added a customized map for Precision Farming.
– Graphical improvement of some paths.
– Fix for snow not accumulating in fields.
– Fix for tillage, lime or fertilizer level in some cases.

The map includes:
– 60 arable fields of all sizes.
– 20 pastures.
– 20 forest areas.
– 5 ready-to-use slots to build your own farm.
– 3 stores to sell your productions.
– 1 sawmill.
– In easy mode you have a fully equipped farm.

Explore the forest you will find smugglers stories, cultivate large plots of up to 30 ha or focus on cattle breeding to produce cheese.

Have fun.

– Fixed swath presence and grass cutting issues.
– Added ground texture pack.
– Added wildlife: birds of prey and butterflies.

Old saves are not compatible.

– Added many paths to connect fields.
– Redistricting of plots in the departure area.
– Redesign of the Pda.
– Addition of production buildings.
– Addition of a pond to draw water from.
– Added wild animal sounds.
– Optimized the appearance of trees.
– Added mushrooms to collect in the forest.

Old saves are not compatible.

– Fixed fields for missions: flattening and edge correction.
– Added missions for balers.
– Added buildings.
– Added a stream and water animations.
– Added additional dirt roads.
– Pda improvement

Old saves are compatible.

Older saves are not fully compatible.


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