2007 Peterbuilts v1.1




Here is “BigCountry’s” 2007 Peterbuilt trucks converted from Farming Simulator 2013. It includes two types of peterbuilts. One a regular truck and the other one is a log truck, and both trucks are different in price and power.

v1.1 LOG

-Lights and coronas are now the newer display styles.
-The tire tracks for the regular peterbuilt. The proper ones show up now.
-Prices have been lowered down a bit.
-Engine sounds are now more semi like with turbo sounds.
-Torque has been changed to a more realistic experience.
-Speed has been adjusted. You can now reach 60mph in each truck.

-Turn signals now turn on and off properly with the right coronas displayed.
-Glitching when in outside camera view.
-The mass density has been lowered. Acceleration is now faster and climbing slops/hills is easier and more realistic. Doesn’t slow and stop on the middle of a slop/hill anymore.

-Back spot light to work with the working lights.
-Reverse beeper sound has been added.

-Still need to figure out how to add the dirtlayer.
-If anyone know how to do either of these, you can send a message.


BigCountry (Original Modder)
Lugarious (Converter)

Peterbuilts_2007_v1.zip – 27.3 MB

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