Dalciowo map



-One farm
-kury, sheep, cows and everything related
-sprzedaż eggs neighbor
-Movement pedestrians
-sprzedaż machines
-super silo
-opens the door to the
-karmienie sheep,
-zbieranie eggs
-sprzedaż bel
-mode lime, manure and liquid manure
-mode chopped
-skup all crops
-kupowanie fields
-7 Fields and meadow
-nawozy, fuel, seeds
-karmienie cows in the barn
-ścielenie in the barn
-pastwiska next to the barn
-Interesting road
-błoto on the road
-czysty log, no errors
Map based on the farm’s Dalcio. Thanks for the photos and to help map.

Turbo and Jopek56

Dalciowo_by_mati4895.zip – 101.9 MB

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