Massey Ferguson Fleet v1.0

Welcome to my latest Massey Ferguson tractor mod… This fleet contains 17 tractors taken from 3 separate model ranges, ranging from 100 – 280 bhp.
This mod started out life as ‘Mythos’ excellent MF 7726 v2, with kind permission I have rescaled and edited that original tractor and come up with the entire collection of tractors found in this pack.
Each tractor model is the correct weight and horsepower, plus the engine sound is different on each model range.
Also with this pack is a Stoll Frontloader (GIANTS) reskinned by ‘Reef’ in Massey Ferguson colours as a ‘MF 945’ loader to match the tractors.

All of the tractors have the following extras:
– IC control (Doors, Rear Window, Sunroof)
– Open door from outside
– Raise front linkage (Outside)
– Open Bonnet (Outside)
– Removable CB aerial
– Passenger Script

The model ranges and specs follows:
5700 SL This range comes with Front loader attacher, and row crop wheels.

5710 SL = 100 bhp
5712 SL = 120 bhp
5713 SL = 130 bhp
5713 SL ‘Black’ = 130 bhp

6600 This range comes with Front Loader attacher, and row crop wheels.
6613 = 145 bhp
6615 = 175 bhp
6616 = 185 bhp
6616 ‘Black’ = 185 bhp

7700 (6.4L) This range comes with wheel weights.
7716 = 185 bhp
7718 = 200 bhp
7720 = 225 bhp
7720 ‘Black’ = 225 bhp

7700 (7.4L) This range comes with wheel weights.
7722 = 240 bhp
7724 = 260 bhp
7726 = 280 bhp
7726 ‘Black’ = 280 bhp
7726 ‘US version’ = 280 bhp

Many thanks to all my testers:

Also a special thank you to FarmFarm for allowing me to use some of his excellent photos for this download page.
I hope you all enjoy this mod.

Original Model: Mythos
Re-scale and Edit: BulletBill83
New Wheels: JohnDeere2450
Loader Reskin: Reef

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