Welcome to the Southern Harz Nature Park and the green Southern Harz karst landscape, which is unique in Europe, in northern Thuringia!

Changelog ( :
– Release Modhub

The map extends from the outskirts of Nordhausen in the west to the border of Saxony-Anhalt in the east, approx. 10x4km area!

– 4x map
– Map is based on real landscape in the southern Harz (no fantasy map)
– 20000 fellable trees
– 92 fields (total 255 buyable areas)
– 6 villages
– Pedestrians in places
– Autodrive courses already integrated
– AI cars can now freely decide where to go, to all locations and obey the speed limits
– snow roofs
– more ground angle
– Collectibles old coins (partly difficult to find)
– moving fish/ducks/planes/migratory birds/…
– Church tower bells always ring on the hour (number of bells to match the time)
– additional sounds
– Ball warehouse northeast of Herrmannsacker
– Seeds and fertilizer can still be replenished from the upper courtyard
– Lumber Mill produces Log Boards needed for Pallet Manufacturing
– Bakery can also produce buns
– Productions values ​​rebalanced
– Harvest amounts and prices adjusted
– there are 2 outlets
– Productions: greenhouses, dairy, grape processing, sawmill 2x, pallet manufacturing, mill, bakery, BGA
– and much much more…

A notice:
– at the start you can press “no” when asked about autodrive courses, since courses have already been run in


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